Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Popping A Zit

I used to joke that I didn't know what disturbed me more: that there is a video on YouTube entitled World's Biggest Zit, or that it has more than five million views.

I'll just pause right here, because we all know what's going to happen in the next few seconds.

OK, welcome back.  Well, that was educational, wasn't it? At least you've been spared the smell.

Ya gotta wonder, how does it ever get that bad?  How does someone let something like that just fester and grow and surely it must hurt after a while?  But, people are wishful thinkers - "oh maybe it'll just go away on its own, no big deal... Ok any time now it'll just pop on its own or something... " and it gets worse and worse and worse, until they just can't stand it anymore, and voila les videos.

But really, it's easy to understand how it happens.  Gradually.  Something like that doesn't grow overnight, or a couple of weeks.  Sometimes it takes months or even years.

A common political analogy is the Boiled Frog.  If you put a frog into really hot water, he jumps out.  But, if you put him in the water and slowly turn up the heat, he gets used to it and doesn't react, and eventually it's too late for the frog.

That analogy explains why a dollar today buys half of what a dollar bought twenty years ago.  It explains how Marxists took over the universities (and as per Iowahawk, gutted them, skinned them, then wore them as a skin suit while demanding respect).  You also see it in the whole Woke idiocy.

The Boiling Frog analogy has one glaring limitation.  It describes a gradual progression to some undesirable end state, and that's where it stops.  Once the frog boils and the undesirable end state reached, that's where the analogy stops.

But people as a whole are not a single frog, and while individual people die society as a whole does not, at least not yet. There is no "end state" for the system that is society, only periods of apparent stability.

Once society reaches some undesirable state, it doesn't just sit there.  It might let the situation fester and grow, until it is too painful and must be dealt with.  And when it does finally deal with that problem, the initial results aren't pretty.  And the more deep-rooted the problem, the longer it has built up under the surface, the more rancid it has become, and the more pressure that builds up, the more painful the initial rupture will be and the effluent all the more vile and nauseating.

In a way, the last century has been a boiling frog, and the last four years more like popping a zit.  A lot of zits.  The riots are a part of it, too, and though most of the participants are LARPing idiots, they are unwittingly breaking the skin and extruding what the universities have become.  The legacy media, and in particular the White House Press hacks, are getting their little heads popped regularly.  And a whole lot of institutions from the CDC to the WHO to the FDA down to local mayors are exposing themselves as incompetent, to be as charitable as possible.

It's happening now, and it has happened in the past.  Sudden, history changing events happen because a situation builds up over a long time until it becomes intolerable, and then the change is very sudden and a lot of ugliness is exposed.

Expect a lot more drainage before healing begins.